Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holy Bird Worshipper

Holy Bird Worshipper
Originally uploaded by basco5
I'm currently just testing how I can blog pictures from my flickr account. It seems so easy to share your artwork with others over the internet, or at the very least post stuff. Still with flickr, blogger, myspace and all the other free sites, I still would like to have something that is my own. I have a half done website just waiting to be posted. Creatively I just feel a bit stuck as I have some extra coding to do (yeah for html and flash, why do they have to be so confusing at times). I wonder if having my own site will help to move the whole artist thing a long.

I heard an interview with an painter, he said that once he got a family, that "making it" didn't matter as much, it was more important that he had them. Anyone want to get married?

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