Friday, April 09, 2010

Being a Public Artist is Strange at Times

Being an artist who shows his work to the public creates these strange situations for me. I find that having a fairly consistent flow of people telling me how much they like my work makes it hard for me to judge how good my stuff really is. The compliments can get to my head, making me think I’m “larger” then I am. In Copenhagen, within certain sub cultures that I move in, my stuff is popular, or at least know. It’s common place for people who I have never met before to know who Basco5 is. I end up having repetitive conversations that are new for the people asking questions but a repeat for me. Sometimes it makes me feel like a actor repeating certain lines over and over again. I feel there are certain expectations from people who are fans or admires of my work, if I am not accessible to them, or if I’m not polite to them I am judged harsher and can quickly be labeled the “arrogant artist”. People have built a connection with my art, and so naturally would like to have some short of connection with me, even if it’s just one act of a brief well rounded conversation. I sometimes am forced to be “on” even when I want to hide in a corner, or perhaps am feeling very irritated. I don’t always want to talk about my art, and I don’t always feel like engaging with strangers......and this is a very human feeling.

I think in a strange way I have entered into a social contract by being a public figure (even at the small scale of a street artist), if someone has taken the time to appreciate my art work, or feels inspired by it, then I can offer them the respect and time to listen. Nothing will ruin love for art then a bad experience with the artist. If the creator is unwholesome then the creation will surely start to seem rotten.

I ask though that people be patient with me, if I do not reply to messages, do not agree to projects, or seem stand offish in person.... please know that this is not to hurt or personally insult you. I care, and I read every message, but am human with only so much energy to give, and sometimes that well runs dry. I hope you can still look at my art and see something in it, it represents my hopes, thoughts, and life.....and If it inspires or touches you in any way then it has served it’s ultimate purpose.

Remember that a big part of why I create work is for you, the viewer.....and that is important to me.


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