Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Post Card and number OCD

I got this postcard printed out,  about 250 of these babies.  I've also included a little drawing on this one.  Today I must admit that I'm tired,  had a lunch with friend early and just never seemed to catch up on the sleep.  Tried doing a watercolour but the energy just wasn't there.  I'm gunna eat some food and try again.  I just need to do 3 more watercolours and than I can move on,  I think I have some slight form of OCD when it comes to the number of paintings I need to do.  4 small, 4 medium and 1 big.  If there is 4 of one than there has to be 4 of the other.  It's some strange feeling of completeness, it feels strange otherwise.  It also means that I aways end up doing a piece or two more than I really want.  I guess it's good training for turning on the auto pilot and just painting.  I've also included some draft images of vests I'm doing for a friends mini motorcycle club.   I think they like the look so far.



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