Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holy Bird Worshipper

Holy Bird Worshipper
Originally uploaded by basco5
I'm currently just testing how I can blog pictures from my flickr account. It seems so easy to share your artwork with others over the internet, or at the very least post stuff. Still with flickr, blogger, myspace and all the other free sites, I still would like to have something that is my own. I have a half done website just waiting to be posted. Creatively I just feel a bit stuck as I have some extra coding to do (yeah for html and flash, why do they have to be so confusing at times). I wonder if having my own site will help to move the whole artist thing a long.

I heard an interview with an painter, he said that once he got a family, that "making it" didn't matter as much, it was more important that he had them. Anyone want to get married?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Time oh Time

Ok so I'm 25 years old. I know it might sound silly but I worry sometimes that it's to late for me. That I'm to old to "make it" as an artist. That I won't have ever have huge success, that I won't leave my mark and that I'm doomed to be someone who tried and became nothing but satisfactory. Of coarse I don't know what success really looks like, is it when I don't have to worry about money? is it when I know a bunch of top end artists? is it when I have a show at a high end gallery? is it when I'm working for Nike? Maybe it's just an age thing, maybe it's just that I see that I won't be able to do everything I ever wanted to in life, I won't meet everyone I want or go to every place. There is not enough time, or enough of me, to do all the paintings and projects and parties and travel. I think I'll take a breath and just look at what I have, say thank you for it, and plan some good stuff for the future.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Little Moments

I just finished a very nice water color piece this evening. It's very nice when you still surprise your self as an artist. As the years go on some times you wonder "what's the point?", then you create something you find beautiful and special and it becomes clear again. The little moments end up meaning so much in the end, and art some how lets me live and feel a live. It's like the feeling when you were a child and you got lost in your own world. To see the world as a little one is something I wish not to lose.

Please have a good day, and may you look at the world with new eyes opened:)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Things are starting to take off a bit more in Denmark, slowly the networking is paying off and I'm starting to meet some good people in the art world. Still a lot of work to do, I need to set up some connections so I can get things made. Things like silk screen t shirts, making limited edition posters, and all the other things needed for creating art product. I look forward to getting it in place in the next 4 months. I currently also have a few projects on the go, firstly my flash website is coming a long, it's just the tester (don't have an art show in December), I'm sooooooo looking forward to getting that site up and running, it's been a year since I've had a personal site that didn't just involve my flickr account. I also am doing a bunch of merch design for a blog conference in Vancouver, and have a few little art submits to get done (mag in brazil, tiny christmas art thingy) but the coolest thing is I've been asked to sell works at Art Rebels they're good people so I'm happy about that. Oh and just wanted to say that I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging, I know when I read other artist news and they keep going on about "great" projects, it doesn't do much for me. Don't worry, its art, I'll have slow ass times coming up soon:)


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The School Question

So I've got three projects to finish in the next 3 days, and I've got the worst case of artist block. I think it's a bit of the fact that I'm completely not in an artist rhythm right now, I don't have a table to sit and draw at. I haven't been able to work late because I have to wake up early for school, and the stress from last weeks move has thrown me off balance. I'm sure I'll get everything done but I might not be able to create new material (it's ok, I got a tons of good drawings that haven't been used.)

Of coarse all this has got me thinking. I'm currently going to an art school in Copenhagen and learning flash animation for websites. I do enjoy it and am learning lots but it does get in the way of my normal creative activities. I find it a bit harder to get other projects done as I can dedicate as much time/energy to them. It's like school kinda takes over. It's also a bit strange for me as I already know what I want to do with my life (be a artist) and am living it, while most people in school seem so uncertain about there futures. A lot of them want to be artist's, and I have to admit I don't know if all of them know how much work it takes. If I look at the last four years of my life, I've had to work soooo hard to get where I'm at, it's a daily thing. School almost feels like a vacation, and maybe in some ways that worries me, I'm improving my skills sure, but I also need to build a carear here in Denmark, and school is putting that on hold.

I guess I'm just a bit confused and tired.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I guess I can write what ever I want in these blogs, though I feel for some strange reason that it should sound professional but my writing always turns to the personal. I have began at an art school here in Copenhagen and am enjoying the learning process and just being around other creative types. I have thought of the idea of drawing tons of different objects/things and then using them as ingrediants when I do graphic designs. Just to add those cute and extra elements that really bring pictures to life. Here is a resent picture that uses elements from previous project drawings, like the bandanna is from a old "revolution guy" drawing, and the hat is from a recent cd cover design.

In other news, I have been invited to submit to two art publications, one a book out of england and a local copenhagen b/w mag. I also will be heading to Belgium in April 08 for a exhibit/fair, very excited for that.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Starting To Come Alive

Started to do some street art here in Copenhagen, it gives me a strange jump start creatively, so now the mind is a buzzing with thought.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Think Too Hard

Creatively I'm very much in a non-motivated space. Maybe it's the fact that I feel so ungrounded right now with just having moved to a new country and so I'm finding it hard to be creative. I even have two design jobs I need to finish but because of all the technical problems it feels impossible to get going (lack of scanner, lack of internet). I guess to that with the move it's forces me into a state of reflection. I ask myself "what do I want to do with my art" I wonder if I want to continue with the style I'm in, do I want to keep doing graphics, or become more of a fine artists. It's as if I'm looking in the distances and I'm seeing what my art can be, and it's stopping me from working with what my art is at the moment. I guess maybe fear plays a role as well, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty right now for me, and that feels like a blockage in wanting to share my work. Maybe I just need to take a big brush, some paint and canvas and let myself feel the joy of it all, not think to hard.

.....yeah that sounds like a plan.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

In The Land of The Danish

So I'm just in Denmark right now, have created a bit of art but not tons, mostly just afew drawings and some computer art. I'm still just getting used to the whole idea of living here. I've been working on my website a tiny bit and will probably start adding bits to it as time goes (still need a scanner, very important tool for me) I'm heading down to Copenhagen to look at an art studio today, very much looking forward to it. Oh if you danish/or live in Copenhagen, and an artist who want to get together a draw over coffee hit me up, always down to meet new heads (that goes for street artist as well)


Friday, June 15, 2007

Ghetto Photo Shoot

Had some fun with some friends shooting these photos after having some pho. They feel almost abit too sexy/dirty/smokey but I like the juxtapoz for my cute t-shirts. Originally I wanted to take photos of someone in there underpants but maybe that will happen with the next run of shirts (months and months down the road), oh the first thing my mother asked when she saw the photos was "are they gay?" I thought that was a very unique responce.

Um whatelse, I have a t-shirt design to do for a private company, nothing like a good freelance gig to get the juices running. I'm a week away from my big move to Denmark, I'm never felt so emotonally strange, it's a combo of stress, happy, sad, crazy, and a urge to just get on a plane while never wanted to let go of my friends.
I can't wait to sit in a park in Copenhagen and paint for afew

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Is art in a Tshirt?

Well the artshow came and went. It was quite the fun night for me, lot's of love and support from friends, family and the public. It was interesting to see that my art products (tshirts, books, pins, plush toys etc...) sales brought in just as much income as my fine art sales. I always enjoy the idea of providing people with a piece of my art without the heavy price tag. Originally I started creating affordable works after having afew shows where very little sold. It helped to make sure that atleast I would cover my costs and now it's becoming profitable. After a while it started to grow on me and with each endevour I learnt a lot, like how to silkscreen (when doing tshirts), or how to press buttons. At some point soon I would like to set up an online shop and also start distribution my creations to different stores. Business and art, I never thought my carear would include both and not just one.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Land Of Pink Cloud Happy Goodbye!!

So I'm just getting ready for my final solo show to happen here in Vancouver (Canada)
I'm calling it "The Land Of Pink Cloud Happy Goodbye!!" I guess it's a fitting title as I will be moving to Denmark in mid June and saying goodbye to my current location. It's been hard to think about all the people I'm letting go of and the life that I'm leaving behind. I'm moving mostly to start a new chapter in my arts as well as life, as much as I am used to Western Culture, it just doesn't give me an inner peace that Europe does. I feel it's so much about money and "success" here and there is a lack of appriciation for the arts. I mean I've gotten lots of love from Vancouver, but I want to go to a place that has many more opertunities and inspirations.

Of coarse I always love the web so seeing what I'm up to is only a click away for my viewers:)

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Well I did up this plush toys for an upcoming art show in late may (Lark 2007). Man there is a lot of work to be done before then but I'll be apartment sitting a place in downtown Vancouver that is close to my art studio so it's going to be 3 weeks of art madness, plus it's going to be a nice little vacation (it's by the beach). I'm also in the process of getting ready to move to Europe. I'm a little scared as last time I was there I was very poor and didn't have a lot of food to eat. I think I'll do ok though, I'm really really looking forward to it, and just to be inspired by something will out weigh any negative things that might come my way. Anyway enjoy the plush toys. They both need hugs

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Don't Compare

I've never felt like I've been hugely supported by the artist community here in Vancouver. I seem to get a long with a lot of them, and the public seems to like me so I can't complain, but I often don't feel a warm fuzzy welcome by my peers. Maybe it's because we as creative types are like little islands who feel a need to be on our own, or maybe I just need to make the first step. I find to I sometimes have a hard time relating to the talented people. I always had a wish to be apart of some wonderful group, I don't know if that will every happen here. Just some thoughts.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Basco5 Product

Monday, February 05, 2007

Wall Paper Patterns

I was looking at some wall paper done by the artist jeremy fish and I wonderd how he create an image that could repeat in pattern for ever. I thought about it for a good hour, studying it. I finally came up with the solution (it has to do with math and centering the image in 5parts) . So now I can make my own repeat pattern for gift wrapping, or wall paper, or computer desktop backrounds.

it's kindah fun. Here the image. Download it and then test it out on your own computer, set it as the desktop and then "tile" setting if your have a Mac.


NV Poster

A large format poster design for a blogging conference that's going on here in Vancouver called Northern Voice. I really enjoyed making this poster, and got into the little details of the backround. I like the idea of creating a story in my work and am starting to enjoy the process more then the finished product (though I do enjoy the end result.)


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sometimes I don't really understand where creation comes from. Sometimes when I just let myself go I create something completely differently new.

This image has a theme of new creation, of love and birth and connection. It is not in my normal style but's mine:)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I've been very interested in paterns lately. I find them fun to make. Maybe there is something about repetition that relaxing to draw.

1st Entry

Well I thought I'd just do a first entry. This blog page is meant to talk more about my artistic side and a little less about my day to day "normal" life issues.