Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I've been very interested in paterns lately. I find them fun to make. Maybe there is something about repetition that relaxing to draw.


Anonymous said...

i have been coveting patterns also... i read in the new york times women's fashion mag this sunday an interesting commentary on patterns:

Ulterior Motifs

"Tastes have changed, too. When Chanel was designing her sleek suits in the 1920s, as fashion’s answer to the tubular steel furniture in Le Corbusier’s purist villas, the Modernist dream was to improve people’s lives by manufacturing millions of identical objects. That dream is now tarnished by its association with industrial pollution and the blandness of global branding. We long for something richer and deeper in the objects that fill our lives, hoping that somehow they’ll matter more and we’ll use them longer, as sops to our environmental consciences. Pattern is a way of letting designers tell stories that make fashion, furniture and buildings seem more complex and meaningful."

Basco Five said...

I agree, I think people are looking for more meaning in the things they buy. I'm currently working on a coparate advertiment and they are giving me complete artistic freedom to the point they don't want it to promote the product in an ovious way. I really don't mind if this idea becomes a trend.