Friday, May 11, 2007

The Land Of Pink Cloud Happy Goodbye!!

So I'm just getting ready for my final solo show to happen here in Vancouver (Canada)
I'm calling it "The Land Of Pink Cloud Happy Goodbye!!" I guess it's a fitting title as I will be moving to Denmark in mid June and saying goodbye to my current location. It's been hard to think about all the people I'm letting go of and the life that I'm leaving behind. I'm moving mostly to start a new chapter in my arts as well as life, as much as I am used to Western Culture, it just doesn't give me an inner peace that Europe does. I feel it's so much about money and "success" here and there is a lack of appriciation for the arts. I mean I've gotten lots of love from Vancouver, but I want to go to a place that has many more opertunities and inspirations.

Of coarse I always love the web so seeing what I'm up to is only a click away for my viewers:)