Friday, June 15, 2007

Ghetto Photo Shoot

Had some fun with some friends shooting these photos after having some pho. They feel almost abit too sexy/dirty/smokey but I like the juxtapoz for my cute t-shirts. Originally I wanted to take photos of someone in there underpants but maybe that will happen with the next run of shirts (months and months down the road), oh the first thing my mother asked when she saw the photos was "are they gay?" I thought that was a very unique responce.

Um whatelse, I have a t-shirt design to do for a private company, nothing like a good freelance gig to get the juices running. I'm a week away from my big move to Denmark, I'm never felt so emotonally strange, it's a combo of stress, happy, sad, crazy, and a urge to just get on a plane while never wanted to let go of my friends.
I can't wait to sit in a park in Copenhagen and paint for afew

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Is art in a Tshirt?

Well the artshow came and went. It was quite the fun night for me, lot's of love and support from friends, family and the public. It was interesting to see that my art products (tshirts, books, pins, plush toys etc...) sales brought in just as much income as my fine art sales. I always enjoy the idea of providing people with a piece of my art without the heavy price tag. Originally I started creating affordable works after having afew shows where very little sold. It helped to make sure that atleast I would cover my costs and now it's becoming profitable. After a while it started to grow on me and with each endevour I learnt a lot, like how to silkscreen (when doing tshirts), or how to press buttons. At some point soon I would like to set up an online shop and also start distribution my creations to different stores. Business and art, I never thought my carear would include both and not just one.