Thursday, July 26, 2007

Think Too Hard

Creatively I'm very much in a non-motivated space. Maybe it's the fact that I feel so ungrounded right now with just having moved to a new country and so I'm finding it hard to be creative. I even have two design jobs I need to finish but because of all the technical problems it feels impossible to get going (lack of scanner, lack of internet). I guess to that with the move it's forces me into a state of reflection. I ask myself "what do I want to do with my art" I wonder if I want to continue with the style I'm in, do I want to keep doing graphics, or become more of a fine artists. It's as if I'm looking in the distances and I'm seeing what my art can be, and it's stopping me from working with what my art is at the moment. I guess maybe fear plays a role as well, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty right now for me, and that feels like a blockage in wanting to share my work. Maybe I just need to take a big brush, some paint and canvas and let myself feel the joy of it all, not think to hard.

.....yeah that sounds like a plan.

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