Saturday, November 24, 2007

Things are starting to take off a bit more in Denmark, slowly the networking is paying off and I'm starting to meet some good people in the art world. Still a lot of work to do, I need to set up some connections so I can get things made. Things like silk screen t shirts, making limited edition posters, and all the other things needed for creating art product. I look forward to getting it in place in the next 4 months. I currently also have a few projects on the go, firstly my flash website is coming a long, it's just the tester (don't have an art show in December), I'm sooooooo looking forward to getting that site up and running, it's been a year since I've had a personal site that didn't just involve my flickr account. I also am doing a bunch of merch design for a blog conference in Vancouver, and have a few little art submits to get done (mag in brazil, tiny christmas art thingy) but the coolest thing is I've been asked to sell works at Art Rebels they're good people so I'm happy about that. Oh and just wanted to say that I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging, I know when I read other artist news and they keep going on about "great" projects, it doesn't do much for me. Don't worry, its art, I'll have slow ass times coming up soon:)