Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Partly Picture

So I've just been working on some different art pieces for an upcoming show in Belgium called Amaze , I'm trying to get 16 small water color paintings and 3 large prints done for the show. So far I'm got 8 partly done so I'm well on my way. The show will be in mid April and all I have to now is get some money together for the flight. I'll figure something out.

I'm also working on a large painting, the photo here is just a tiny section of it. By the time it's done I'll probably of spent 30 hours on it. I trying to train myself to use more time on a single piece, create for the sake of creating and less for the final result. I'm enjoying the process. When I'm done I would like to get some prints made so if that ever happens I'll post them.

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