Saturday, August 23, 2008

Growing Pains

I'm at such a strange point in my creative life right now, I feel like I'm struggling to define how I want my style to be. I feel content with what I produce but at the same time I want my pictures to show so much more, to be bigger and brighter and better. I find though that my style is limiting me, that the rules of how I do the lines and faces are restrictive. Yet all the new things I try and create don't feel complete. I guess it's called growing pains. I also feel that my work has not reached a level that is ready for the galleries, and perhaps I'm personally not ready for the galleries. The pure work ethic that one must go through to produce for a show is amazingly time consuming. Also the the small size of my works would not be able to fetch prices that galleries need in sales. I hope with time that I will evolve to a point where these things are not a problem, but it takes a mind shift on my part. This shift seems to be happening but I think time is needed, perhaps even years. I will need to grow, learn, and become more open to change. I hope I'm on some sort of right path.

Song: Clothes of White Remix by Taras3000 (second song down)


Anonymous said...

Hi Basco, size isn't really an issue. At least it's not the right issue to focus on.

I didn't know you even wanted to be "indoors", but wtf, if it helps make a living then why not... Regarding galleries you've got just the right mix of appealing motifs, a distinctive style (easily recognizable), and street cred. Plus - your stuff is not permanently fixed to some wall, it's on paper so you can transport it and sell it. And your stuff will surely sell.

But, it will take time as galleries aren't usually actively seeking for talent - in stead they're practically being bombarded with "feature ME" requests. That's why they mostly just feature the same old-same old. It's the easiest way for them to make their dough.

Anyway you've only been gettin up here in CPH for the past one-two years, it's still too early for them to discover what's hit them. Theyre dang slow. But then you've already been featured in at least one gallery (the one on vesterbro, next to istedgade, don't recall the name) so no worries.

Meanwhile the rest of us still enjoy your characters out there in the big free street gallery. That's where real art is supposed to be - in context.

Nuff for now, keep it up.

Basco Five said...

Wow, thanks for those lovely words, I really appriciate it:)