Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bow Tie

Well another week and I'm off my vacation. It's been strangely nice not doing a lot of art the last few weeks. I guess it shows that even artist need little breaks from creating. I do feel though like something is missing when I'm not painting or drawing much.

2009 is almost around the corner, it's going to be a fun year I think. I'll be starting a new printing class in January, it will be nice to sharpen my printing skills. I realize I enjoy printing and mass producing my art. I'll also be starting up on a few design jobs right off the bat, Northern Voice 09 poster, that's always a hit, and a possible childrens book. Of coarse the new year will also bring it's challenges, as I'm fairly new to the Copenhagen art scene it's going to take a lot of work to climb that ladder. It's like starting from the bottom, as not a lot of doors open when you are new, you got to do small things (cafe shows, free murals, etc). It takes time before people start wanting to work with you.

I guess it's called paying your dues:)


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