Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Post 100

Well it's my 100th blog post, strangely I kindah had to dig deep to find something to show this week. It's a folder layout, with the elements taken from a earlier design project. The last two weeks or so i have not been doing tons of painting/illustrations, so there hasn't been the regular update (mostly on flickr). I have had trouble getting into a good work flow lately, and it seems hard to find time to sit down and do art. I'm currently looking at getting a studio space, that will bring me away from working at home and distractions. Probably the best thing for my art would be to quit school and just go at it, the early morning wake ups kindah throw me off balence and then when at night when I start to be creative then I have to go to bed. I look forward to the days of deciding my own schedual.

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