Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ego at Bay

I find at times I get caught up in the hype of 'Basco' that I forget about making the art. I focus on updating the sites, getting comments, getting facebook fans and promoting myself that making art slowly slips into second place. My ego needs "attention" and it needs it's daily meals. Then when it's a slow week and not much is going on I feel like less of an artist or perhaps a failure. If I haven't made money off my art I feel like a failure, if I haven't gotten on a blog or in magazine I feel like a failure. If I haven't gottena any flickr comments I feel like less. It's times like this I need to sit down and tell myself to slow down, it's really about making the art, the attention is just a result of a job well done (not the main thing). It's about that feeling when I draw with ink, and when I paint with water color. It's sitting and coming up with a new idea at 3am and not being able to sleep cause I'm so excited. It's about walking the streets and putting paper on walls. It's about exsploring new mediums, new ideas and working with new people. It's art, it's creation, it's my purpose. Money and attention comes and goes, like a wave with high and lows, and really in some ways it's beyond my control. But I can always sit down and draw, and as long as I'm doing that then I'm non the right track.

No matter what I'm not a failure, I'm doing good.

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Jas said...

Great post!