Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am getting ready for a solo show in Copenhagen, Denmark, though I'm not going to release all the details just yet, here is something that might interest my readers. This is my to do list, it gives you a good idea of how much work it takes to put on a show, and most of these items go beyond just creating the works.

PLEASE NOTE: I will also be looking for volunteers to help me with prep for the show, so if your up for it, and live in the Copenhagen area, feel free to contact me at with the title Volunteer and I'll be sure to put you to work on something:) I'll probably post of more in depth Volunteer Request in the near future.


Overview of art show

Artist: Basco5

+= done -=not done +-= In process

PR (Press)

Send to Gallery
(finish ASAP)

-Gallery front page image (+/not sent)
-Web Flyer (-/not sent)
-Printed Flyer (-/not sent)
-Artist Bio (-/not sent)
-Artist Statement (-/not sent)
-Artist Self Photo/ Art Photos (-/not sent)
-BascoFive Logo (+/not sent)

Web Based Promotion

(month before show)

-send facebook invite (-/not sent)
-send email invite (-/not sent)
-price list/images (-/not sent) send to Gallery

f=image framed

-Large Acrylic (-)
-Canvas Ordered

-Silk Screen Prints (+)

-A3 Watercolors (+-)

-A4 Watercolors (+-)

-A5 Watercolors (+-)

-Other Works (-)


-Purchase frames (from Ikea) (+-)
-window sticker with title and artist name (-)

Supplies For Setup Day
(week before opening)

-painters tape
-measuring tape
-screw driver
-elephant snot


Price List (-/not sent)
Catalog Images (-/not sent)
Zine (-)


samyk said...

Hey rigtig fed blog !!


Basco Five said...


Esther Sarto said...

jeg vil gerne hjælpe. :)

Basco Five said...

Hey Miss Take, I you the girl that does those posters? we should go postering some day:)