Thursday, March 15, 2012

Disposable Camara Fall 2011

I found a disposable camera I had bought at a dollar store a while back.  I had taken some pictures with it but had no idea how they would turn out.  The camera worked a lot better then I thought, over all gave some cool results.  I think I'll have to take some more pictures in this way.

I other news I've decided to pull back from doing any solo show in CPH for 2012,  I think I over did it in 2011, and before I do another one I'm going to have to come up with some fresh new stuff to maintain people's interest.  So I plan to spend a lot of time down at the studio this year, making some amazing works.   I'm still very interested in have show's outside of Denmark (with my paintings),  so if you find my work interesting and want me to be apart of a group or solo show, drop me a line at .  I don't mind flying out and having a meeting if needed,  it would be a good excuse to have take a vacation;)

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