Friday, May 04, 2012

3 More

So, it's the start of May and the start of summer, finally it's a bit warm here in Copenhagen and I get to wear shorts. I have some different projects coming up, most of them have to do with the use of acrylic paint (I mostly use water color normally). It's a very messy medium so I've been a bit of a slacker this week and only half started on them. Sometimes it's like that, plus with such good weather it's a bit hard to be down at the studio. So far 2012 has been about taking it slow, and just really working on becoming a better painter, going that extra bit on art pieces. Also trying to be better business wise, more confident and stating the price I want for a given project. So far it's been good. It's such an important thing as a professional artist that you get your business in check, you got to be very upfront, and honest when it comes to pay. Also you got to be good at collecting payment and not feel bad about it. Remember you bring a very high set of skill as an artist, it's taking you years to perfekt, you should be making more an hour then someone who just paints walls white. Also promotion is good, but what really helps is you getting's important to get a wage for your hard work. I mean most artist goal is to live off there work, and if you getting money then hey....your living off your work ain't you?
anyways now I'm ranting. Enjoy the new paintings below. Also if your in Copenhagen and ever want to drop by my studio and have a look at my works live then I do take appointments, most of the works you see on this blog are for sale. Everyone is welcome:)

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