Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Day

Another day....another drawing.  I would have to say things are going a bit slowly,  I have to create these vests for a friend/client (posted draft images earlier).  It's a matter of just sitting to doing it.  I think sometimes I over think how something should look and sometimes it's better to just sit and do it.  Realize it looks good even if it's raw.  To get the creative juices started I just did a quick black ink drawing that you see below.  Getting something out get's things going.  I've also been going to boxing training,  man that is hard.  I come home tired and sore but it feels great.  I wonder if being in shape makes you a better artist work wise?  not to say I'm in great shape, ok shape but not great.  I wouldn't mind doing a logo for the boxing club, that would be fun.  I have a list of strange design jobs I want to do.  My top ones are,  record cover design,  vodka/spirit bottle design,  and store sign that looks strange (the ones that hang outside a shop).  Ok I'm heading back in the trenches and getting these vest done.  Wish me luck.



Thursday, February 18, 2016


Here is a finished painting called 'Missing',  it's about 23cm x 31cm.  I called it missing as colour wise I thought it wasn't super strong.  It looked really good black and white but I think because most of the little images are composed on one colour it didn't create a strong feel for the eye.(the plant is just green,  the coffin is mostly yellow)  I mostly look at a few things in my painting visually.  first is form,  how well the images are drawn,  and how well they balance together before colour.  Second is idea,  do they tell a story,  to they work together.  This is something I haven't been creating much of the last month as I just want to create without that.  Lastly is colour,  is it colourful, is it like cotton candy to the eye.  All these things makes a good Basco5 painting.  So sometimes I create something where it is missing these elements.  I think it's also important for me to let go and love mistakes,  they are the part that makes me go forward.  I tend to get really stuck on routine,  it is something I'm always battling with.



Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Post Card and number OCD

I got this postcard printed out,  about 250 of these babies.  I've also included a little drawing on this one.  Today I must admit that I'm tired,  had a lunch with friend early and just never seemed to catch up on the sleep.  Tried doing a watercolour but the energy just wasn't there.  I'm gunna eat some food and try again.  I just need to do 3 more watercolours and than I can move on,  I think I have some slight form of OCD when it comes to the number of paintings I need to do.  4 small, 4 medium and 1 big.  If there is 4 of one than there has to be 4 of the other.  It's some strange feeling of completeness, it feels strange otherwise.  It also means that I aways end up doing a piece or two more than I really want.  I guess it's good training for turning on the auto pilot and just painting.  I've also included some draft images of vests I'm doing for a friends mini motorcycle club.   I think they like the look so far.



Monday, February 15, 2016

Late Night

Tonight I worked on a vest project and than watched a horror movie (We are Still Here) .  I rarely do that, but it was really interesting.  I don't get scared easily,  and often seem to be on the side of the evil thing.... at least if the actors/situations are not that intelligent.  I guess I've lived with voices in my head most of my life,  so I seem to have had a relationship with sides of myself that are evil,  that combine with a faith in God,  makes for a strange mix that doesn't easily scare.  When the horrors of ones own mind is trying to destroy you through thought,  scary movies and scary situations become less.  I ended up doing these drawings while the film was playing.  One was influenced by the movie and the last one was just a regular bascofiver.  I don't always understand my drawings,  they come from some place of form, routine and intuition. 



Thursday, February 11, 2016

Things and things

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Fuck Cloud

Monday, February 01, 2016

Strange and Wonderful