Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Day

Another day....another drawing.  I would have to say things are going a bit slowly,  I have to create these vests for a friend/client (posted draft images earlier).  It's a matter of just sitting to doing it.  I think sometimes I over think how something should look and sometimes it's better to just sit and do it.  Realize it looks good even if it's raw.  To get the creative juices started I just did a quick black ink drawing that you see below.  Getting something out get's things going.  I've also been going to boxing training,  man that is hard.  I come home tired and sore but it feels great.  I wonder if being in shape makes you a better artist work wise?  not to say I'm in great shape, ok shape but not great.  I wouldn't mind doing a logo for the boxing club, that would be fun.  I have a list of strange design jobs I want to do.  My top ones are,  record cover design,  vodka/spirit bottle design,  and store sign that looks strange (the ones that hang outside a shop).  Ok I'm heading back in the trenches and getting these vest done.  Wish me luck.



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