Monday, February 15, 2016

Late Night

Tonight I worked on a vest project and than watched a horror movie (We are Still Here) .  I rarely do that, but it was really interesting.  I don't get scared easily,  and often seem to be on the side of the evil thing.... at least if the actors/situations are not that intelligent.  I guess I've lived with voices in my head most of my life,  so I seem to have had a relationship with sides of myself that are evil,  that combine with a faith in God,  makes for a strange mix that doesn't easily scare.  When the horrors of ones own mind is trying to destroy you through thought,  scary movies and scary situations become less.  I ended up doing these drawings while the film was playing.  One was influenced by the movie and the last one was just a regular bascofiver.  I don't always understand my drawings,  they come from some place of form, routine and intuition. 



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