Thursday, February 18, 2016


Here is a finished painting called 'Missing',  it's about 23cm x 31cm.  I called it missing as colour wise I thought it wasn't super strong.  It looked really good black and white but I think because most of the little images are composed on one colour it didn't create a strong feel for the eye.(the plant is just green,  the coffin is mostly yellow)  I mostly look at a few things in my painting visually.  first is form,  how well the images are drawn,  and how well they balance together before colour.  Second is idea,  do they tell a story,  to they work together.  This is something I haven't been creating much of the last month as I just want to create without that.  Lastly is colour,  is it colourful, is it like cotton candy to the eye.  All these things makes a good Basco5 painting.  So sometimes I create something where it is missing these elements.  I think it's also important for me to let go and love mistakes,  they are the part that makes me go forward.  I tend to get really stuck on routine,  it is something I'm always battling with.



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