Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Has Been

After 2 years away from art making, I've come to the realisation that in some ways I'm starting over. My creative network is pretty much gone, like a plant with no water it is now dried up and brown. It's only natural that this should happen, but at the same time it's a hard pill to swallow. I won't be getting any jobs out of the blue for a while, and posts on social media will not bring results, and suddenly being in a newspaper like back in the "wow it's street art!" days. I'm a voice talking to myself in a empty room. Time to start from the bottom. But perhaps this is a good lesson, humbling..... I am a hasbeen (has been something). So for the 10 people that read this...thought I'd share. They don't make life easy do they? and no one really mentions this stuff........


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